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Default Re: "TUNABLE EXHAUST"- A valid concept?

Haven't read the articles yet, but I'm remembering a fifth grade lesson in physics I had that might make this viable- My teacher then, Mr. Bryant, pointed out the phenomena of a showercurtain: how when you are in a shower that it wants to sorta blow over toward you and cling to your body.. he then explained it was due to the effect of the shower water itself- disturbing the air and creating a vacuum in that direction-and that air in movement has less air pressure

So I guess it could apply to an exhaust system somehow- actually sucking the exhaust out instead of it merely being forced out with it's own expanded pressure-

I'm not sure exactly what effect the temperature would have, or the sizes of the pipe or chamber- so I guess the concept is valid. All the variables are left to be proved in the pudding I suppose.

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