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Synthetic 2 stroke oil only lubricates as a liquid. Once it is "flashed"at 237 deg F it no longer works.

Maxima 927 doesnt'flash until 427 degF and when it does flash, it firms dry polymers that provide even better lubrication as a dry lubricant. Its high flash point means you 'll see unburnt oil in the exhaust. Contrary to what Amsoil dealers will tell you, this is GOOD and not bad. The longer it is a liquid, the better lubrication it can provide. Specs and facts can't be argued.

Oh, I did have a lot of training as a tribologist as a test pilot in the military. For what it is worth,we never changed oil in turbine engines based on a schedule. All oil was sampled regularly and sent to an oil analysis lab. Lab would let us know what action we had to take and what wear we were seeing in the engine.

I'll convert the specsfrom SUSto Cst when I have time for comparison.

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