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Heys guys I just got my motor kit from Bike Berry.I went for the 80cc job.Nice kit.I'm using a Worksman News Boy.The motor is about a 90% fit to start with.Yup there's some day light between the ID of the motor mounts and the OD of the frame.But!!. It is so close I know I can make bushings to take up the ...oh..say 3/16 inch variance here.I work for a company that molds plastic parts and I use and can get my grubby mitts on elastomeres {semi rubberry crap that starts as a liquid and turns solid when you're not looking } that will take up the slack.We don't need no stinking torches.A bunch of the guys I work with can drop a V8 into a babby carridge and ride bikes and dig MBs.I see no problem.Here we go again!! Laker
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