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Default Re: Beer Cans For A Quieter Muffler!

OK- so the assembly I posted the pix of- with the duct tape around the two cans is gone-


After that I had just one can, with just the inner top cut off clamped on the muffler down near the bottom- Most of the baffle is still there and the regular pipe can dissipate it's heat normally.

Then this can came off again when the ridge at the top sheared off the can- so I'm now recommending the can be clamped on UNDER the can's aluminum ring, NOT ON the ring-(even though the ring itself is the exact fit on my own muffler at leastr)

But what I did learn, when the can fell off, was that the muffling difference was much greater than I first thought- a very noticable difference in volume when the can suddenly came off-

So right now the can is not on- I'm transporting the bike soon, and i'll be taking it up and down some stairs- the can assembly hangs down and is fragile- but is readily available and easily installed-

obviously any aluminum can will work, but the longer 16 oz will give a larger baffle and , like any horn instrument, a lower sound

I'm definitely gonna make this a standard addition when I'm up and riding again.
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