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Default Re: Why hello there! (Acton, MA)

Yea I'm going to check the carb. I snapped off a piece of the carb connection from fastening it too much. I slipped a copper sleeve meant for plumbing and refastened the carb to the engine and it has been running, but there probably still is a slight air leak which would contribute to a poor start. I really do like the sound of the pull start. I saw them online but wasn't too convinced at the time, but after peddling for 15 mins to get it started I'm pretty convinced . I'll also check the spark plug for any accumulation of crap. Thankfully I work at an engineering test facility so the technicians have all the tools I will need.

I'll let you know what I find.

Thanks for the feedback/suggestions.

Funny thing, when I was peddling I stopped to walk the bike up a hill and this other dude passed on the opposite side of the road on his motorized mountain bike. He did a double take 'cause I imagine he was pretty surprised to see another motorized bike in town. If only he didn't have to get to high school in time he may have stopped to help.
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