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Default Re: Why hello there! (Acton, MA)

These choppers look great but if you have to peddle them THEY STINK! (been there done that). Ran out of fuel. These little motors don't ask for much, but fuel is a must!
I don't think that was enough of a weather chang to affect the motors operation. These are things that I am sure you already know. Spark, fuel and compression. I always carry a simple plug wrench. That way I can check if I am getting any fuel or flooded. It is hard to check for spark unless you have the pull start(i do). Things to check tight spark plug and spark wire connections. Carb not sucking air(leaks). Check compression, pull mag cover an give a visual check IE: good gnd. spark connection and no metal filings. Check troubleshooting section of this forum.
Good luck and let us know what the actual problem turns out to be.
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