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Default Re: Why hello there! (Acton, MA)

So I rode into work this morning. That sucked. It took me 15 long minutes of peddling to get the engine to sputter alive (I didn't leave the clutch in the whole time, I'd peddle up to speed first, try it, then peddle again) then another 3 or 4 minutes to get it to run smoothly. It was in the upper 50s F this morning. Any advice on getting it started immediately?

I forgot to shutoff the fuel line last night so one possibility is the engine was flooded and i needed to evaporate the excess gas.

Is there a special setting I need for morning cold starts when the air is more oxygen rich?

The only settings I tried changing were the idle screw and the fuel line. I need to start adjusting the choke, but that damn lever is so hard to find when i'm concentrating on not face planting
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