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Default Re: Smooth treadless tyre to maximise roller contact

The original kenda tire I had on the bike Im guesstimating had 500 miles on it before I took it off with its 3rd flat on it, With the friction roller wearing against it still has some life in it. Im saving it as a spare for the front or rear with money being tight. When I decided to get some flat protection using the thorn proof tubes with a nomore flats tire liner and using the cheng shin semi slick its improved the friction drives performance as far as slippage due to increased contact with the tire. So far Im happy with the cheng shin tire but well see how long it lasts. But when driving the bike you can tell the difference in the weight from just using a reg tube and reg tire, its not as fast and the rear transfers the bumps more to the bike with the extra weight and stiffness. Xlite Ill check out those tires and see whats up. Another thing is the extra width on the semi slick helps too, going from a 26x1.95 to the 26x2.125.........I wouldnt use a slick tire with no grooves at all due to not being able to keep up with the wear on the tire, as said above safety is important.
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