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I'm working on a 12v electrical system for my bike, which I hope to get licensed here in PA. It'll take some time for me to finish it 'cause it's just a hobby and I'm in no hurry. I've built a headlight using a 12v, 20 Watt landscape flood light, and plan to build an LED tail/stop light, and LED turn signals. I may also incorporate a number of white strobe lights (LED or other). I plan to us about a 4 amp-hr Nickel Metal Hydride battery pack to power the system, which should give me 1 to 2 hours of operating time when fully charged. There are nice 6v and 12v wheel hub generators available that seem like the best bet, but they are on the expensive side, so I'll try to pick up a used one. In addition to the generator, I'll probably include a small 12v solar charge like the on shown in the previous post. My electrical system will have a receptacle for an external charger, which will be the primary way to charge the battery.

I don't need the bike for transportation, just fun - as I said, it's a hobby.

I plan to run the lights whenever I'm on the bike for safety. Not long ago, while on a short nighttime ride on the neighborhood streets, a teenage driver almost run me over a block from my house while I was stopped at an unlighted intersection. I had my headlight on, a bright tail light, an orange reflective vest, and white reflective tape all over my bike. He was speeding and cut the corner of the intersection and swerved as I entered his headlights - just before hitting me (at least he had fast reflexes). He never slowed down. In any case, I'm a big believer in having lots of lights and reflective stuff and plan to have the light signature of a much larger vehicle!
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