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Default Re: Why hello there! (Acton, MA)

Originally Posted by NEAT TIMES View Post
nice build. what did the officer have to say????? lol. ron
Here is the non-embellished conversation with the cop.

*flashes his lights and sounds his sirens*
Me: Hey there
Cop: What is that a motorized bicycle?
Me: Yup.
Cop: You been riding around on that for a while now?
Me: Nah, I just... well I finished it about 2 weeks ago then broke it then just finished it again today and was riding to work to see how long it would take.
Cop: Where do you work?
Me: O just down the road at XYZ by the post office.
Cop: Yea I know where that is. How many CC is that thing?
Me: Uh... either 37 or 49, which one sounds about right to you?
Cop: Ok, well it has to be under 49cc to be legal.
*awkward silence*
Cop: Do you have a permit?
Me: What?? I need a permit for this thing?
Cop: Yes you need to be over 16.
Me: Ohhhh... yea I'm 23, here's my license.
Cop: Well that's certainly better than a permit...
*examines my license*
Cop: Alright Nathaniel, well you have yourself a good day.
Me: Alright thanks.

Pleasant enough conversation. My town is full of rich jews and asians, thus a super low crime rate and extremely bored cops... This cop was at a construction site i passed. I guarantee you it won't be the last. I'm going to have a guy at my work make up a nice 49cc label for the china motor whose label mysteriously disappeared one day after i rode it till the engine was hot and the glue melted .
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