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Lightbulb "My Attack Plan" Going BIG or Going Home lol

Ok the first kit/engine was another life lesson. This next pay check I'm going BIG time with engine/upgrades and I'm going to get this thing running like a banchie.
Check out these links to the things I'm going to buy, first link is engine with mount that i need since the other broke. the second is a muffler/carburator upgrade that looks BADASS the mufflers sweet looking and the carb is pretty schnazy too. way better than what i have now which is stock =) all will probably cost $200 with shipping.

Motorized BIKE GAS ENGINE parts - 80cc motor silver EPA - eBay (item 190325730498 end time Sep-30-09 16:11:58 PDT)

its the cns carb

Spooky Tooth Cycles - Motorized Bicycles: Gas Powered and Electric Bikes - Aftermarket Upgrades for Motorized Bicycles

mount for fat my kind of frame

Sick Bike Parts

anyone disapprove? or know anything about this CNS carb?
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