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Default New here. couple questions + thinking of buying parts, then selling bike?

Hey everyone, glad i found this place. it looks neat

Anyways, someone brought up the topic of motorized bicycles, and i looked up what the engine kit costs, and its really not to much. well i'm seeing motorized bikes all over the place on craigslist, kijiji ect running for like 400-500? i thought this could be a great way to make some money.

anyways, ive got a few questions; I'm wondering what tools do i need and how much expirience? Ill admit right now i dont have very much, but ive got a basic idea of it. and I dont have very many tools like welders, shop saws, ect. ive just go the basket screw driver, hammer, wrench and stuff like that, maybe more depending on what my dad has outside.
now how hard is it to assemble a bike kit? do i need expirience? what tools do i need? what should i know?

And also, i'm looking to buy the cheapest, but still decent engine kit, where would the best place for that be? ebay? ive got really no idea where to look :P
Id just like to assemble a basic one, that attrack others and could sell for a nice little amount of money.

edit: also, which type of bike should i get that works/looks best?


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