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Angry Re: anyone tried this bike?

I realy like barlyawakes solution...very clean...i might try it as i bought an aluminum intake so i can port it out better than the steel intake i have...In the pic you can see what i works fine but i wonder if the longer intake hurts start-up and throtle response...anyway...I stuck a copper plumbing pipe butt connector in carb w/ some plastic tape (not electrical tape) for a better sealthen attached some clear rubber tubing (seems to be fuel attached it to the stock intake that i chamfored in so no gas puddeling....the clamps positioned just so creates a preaty smooth flow profile.....As for is it fast with the tall tires?....YES...a bit hard to take off but not too bad since i modified the actuator.....the 44 tooth sprocket is like putting a slightly smaller sprocket on a 26" (is that right?).....mine goes 38 happy...hope you do the build. J carb 2 pictures by jaysawdust - Photobucket still havent figured out how to post pics in here
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