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Default Re: Motor bogging at start up low speed

Originally Posted by AaronF View Post
I will check the spark plug here soon and let you know the color of it.I also forgot to mention,i just installed this new kit two days ago with 40 miles on it already.Note that when i mixed the gas/oil i don't have a gas measuring cup,so there for I'm not sure if the correct amount was used for the first tank,the ratio is supposed to be 16:1 The carburetor was clean as clean gets,i just cleaned the float bowl as well.It seems as when I'm not using the throttle,the idling is pushing me down the road at 10MPH witch is weird..
A couple of notes-

16:1 is TOO MUCH OIL! Go to 24:1.

10 mph at idle? I think that's about right..below that you should have the clutch in. If it revs up with the clutch in, turn down the idle, or check for an air leak at the manifold to cylinder junction.

Get a measuring cup, or use the side of the bottle of oil where it is marked for oz. increments....never just "guess" at the engines life blood. (oil)
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