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Default Re: I caught a bug!

Hey, Newbie!

Thanks, man!
I really appreciate when people appreciate what I'm creating.
I did get your email. Musta' got lost in translation somewhere.I have been very busy finishing this bike. Good job on the 'turd. Keep pushing your creative and mechanical limits, because
there are no limits... =-]'

I like my Orange Coast Chopper Rat Bike. It was my first and will always be special.
that bike was my research and development and my learning... or more like Blood, Sweat, and Gears. =-]'
Cool thing is, you can make this new LowBoy Bobber frame anyway you want.
so if you want to 'Rat It Out', you can.
She is almost ready to be kicked to life... =-]' weehoo!

Happy Trails

Originally Posted by The Newbie! View Post
Ok.....First I would like to address the Mav! Dude...Nice build, but I think, nah I know I like yer original 1 better! However, I'm willing to bet that that this new 1 of yers cost a whole lot less, and only took a small fraction of the time to build, than the original 1! This is the 1st I've seen of this 1, as I read (and replied????) to yer post via my gmail inbox, where the pics did not show up, so pleasant surprise as I always enjoy checkin out different rides! Does this 1 zoom into the 50s as well? My email reply to you, as I'm sure you well know, was quite lengthy, and you are the first to see any of the pictures of "The Ratt Turd", other than the 1z I've posted in the tavern b4 it even got it's name, phase 1! I guess I'm actually kinda wondering if ya did get that reply, as I had hoped to have heard back from ya by now? Still lookin fwd to that!
My Production Bobber Build Up
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