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Default Rear wheel bearings

How are you guys keeping yours from burning up?

Brake side bearing went out at roughly 25 miles. Chalked it up to not being greased properly at the factory. Replaced with a new bearing and greased everything in the rear hub.

Today was trying to hit the 200 mile mark by pulling a 40 mile ride and the same bearing started to go at the 196 mile mark, was over 12 miles from home so I just kept going hoping the thing wouldn't lock up on me. Ran out of gas @ 209 miles (now I know I can go 49 miles on a tank of gas) so I pedaled/pushed the last 3 miles and the last 1/4 mile the rear wheel would barely turn. I probably toasted the hub this time.

Luckily I have another coaster brake hub, unluckily it's in a 20" wheel.
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