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Default DAX 50cc Won't Start Now, Pedals Easier

Hello fellow moterized bikers.

I just bought an assembled DAX 50cc Skyliner. It started fine when I bought it, and the prior owner said that it was new. While new, the bike would either start or I would not be able to peddle it after popping the clutch.

I drove the bike several times, and on the "final tour", I drove it 50 miles (used about 1/3 gallon of gas). During the final tour, I had some difficulty restarting while the emngine was warm. Now, days after the final tour, I cannot start the engine.

I did everything that was mentioned in the other letters. I verified spark, disabled the kill switch, and the engine is getting gas, as proven by the "drips" comming from the tailpipe.

I used the tickler, and after tickling, gas leaked out of the button until I manually pulled the button back-out. I removed the plug, and pedeled the gas out of the engine, and tried to restart, and it just doesn't fire-up.

I'll bet that either the engine is being flooded, or I've lost compression somewhere, hopefully on a gasket. Should I be able to pedal a broken-in engine that is fully engaged? (By the way, the engine purred like a kitten while tI peddled with the spark plug out. It gave me happy memories of what the engine should have sounded like while firing.)

I have an old compression tester laying around somewhere. Have I lost compression, am I flooding, or whatelse could be happening?

If I lost too much compression, would it be easy for me to rebuild?
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