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Default Re: BIG Problem with Front Mount and my Bike :)

If you Really wanna save a motor just run a bracke from the clutch cover bolt to the seat post, and for the front mount file the mount evenly as someone already said, retap the holes and as long as you still have half an inch or more threads left in there (might have to drill a tad bit deeper) use a shorter bolt just dont over tighten!

And JB weld blows!! i have never had it work on anything, not even temporarily!

Also i think alot of the motor mounts i have seen on these engine suck! the U shape in the mount is there for a reason, and taking a 2 bolt mount and reducing it to one is justt asking for trouble. i would get rid of the lower plate and make another plate that has a U Shape identical to the motors' and just get longer bolts and clamp the engine to the frame rather then damage your bike frame and engine with their method.
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