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Default Greetings from The Balkans... (:


As you can see, I'm new here.
I found about this site as I was doing research on bicycles with motor, because I want to make myxself one.

I don't have much expirience with motor-bikes anyway, drove few, I usually concentrate on cars, busses etc...

My plan is to take an old bike (Flying Pigeon, Rog, or so..) and to modify it a bit (frame, stronger wheels, something like that) so it will accomodate Tomos Automatic A3 (or A35... Or some other Tomos 50cc engine with automatic transmission..) engine with transmission and pedals (pedaling forwards - drive it as a bicycle, pedal backwards - kickstarts)

I like D I Y style, plus I don't really plan to spend a lot of money (I see kits on e-bay are about 400-500$) and this, my style, could be done for about 100$...I hope...

So, if you have any suggestions... I will opet a thread somewhere more appropriate...

O, btw, I'm from Bosnia...

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