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Default Re: BIG Problem with Front Mount and my Bike :)

Originally Posted by diceman2004 View Post
everywhere i go on here , i here people say just use some JB Weld . Epoxy - whatever - its still just glue . would you glue you cylinder head down on your car ? Seriously , do the owners of JB Weld run this site ? I realy don,t care how well it has worked for anyone else . Glue is NOT a suitable repair for a stripped thread . PERIOD . Retapping to the next size , or a helicoil is . I,m just glad we are working with 80cc,s here . if you tried to glue the head on my yamaha roadstar 1600 cc , your testicles would be wrapped around the 3rd vertibrea of your spine before you hit the end of the driveway .
sorry for the graphic nature of my comment . but i don,t believe glue can REPAIR a thread , or any other broken metal component , that must endure heat stress and torque .
Aha... a little island of sanity in a sea of JB silliness. Speaking of which might as well use Silly Putty in most cases.

It's amazing what some think they can get away with. Wishful thinking at best, tragic surprise at worst.
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