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Default Beat it!!! But, Don't steal it.

8-speed multi-geared chain drive powered only by engine. no pedaling. pedals installed fixed to frame as foot rests. 42 tooth sprocket on both sides of bicycles bottom bracket. chain from engine spins bottom bracket in turn spins chain assembly originally designed for bicycle operation, a few mods to ensure the chain stays on and runs smoothly. dynamo plugged directly into smart battery charger never overcharges and keeps back-up battery supply for headlights, tail-light, turn signals, brake lights and horn. i want to put a 12v to 2.6 volt converter but i would also need one to 3.3 volt for headlights. so i have made it easy access to replace batteries in case of emergency, less wires is more. speedometer, front brakes to slow down, rear brakes to stop completely, installed on compact frame because i failed to measure, had to cut into frame but i reinforced the weak places. was able to reach 30mph in first gear and 34 in second gear before i had to slow down. fixed the carb today and performance improved, i should see improvement in those numbers, or at least the ammount of time to get there.

The cheetah aint got sh!% on meThe bike
The engine chain assembly
The drive chain assembly
The dynamo and battpak - self sustaining electric current 12v 6w
Handlebar with 2 led headlights, speedometer, shifter, throttle
The Carb
custom built disc-brake bracket, bought frame before I knew disc brakes existed for bikes. still untested but it is in-line and very durable. notice the pieces are from the rear-wheel sprocket assembly from the kit.

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