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Default Re: About Carburetor

I took the CH80 out for about 16 mile run this morning. It was chilly outside
so I wore my heavy flanel shirt jacket. My carburetor is now tweek in, correct color
to the sparkplug, good spark, good timing, cluth grips good. It is a smooth running
engine that likes to rev at the crack of the throotle with no ugh-ugh sound. I noticed
the gas milage is getting alot better. I am now ready to move on to the SBP shift kit.
Sadly the CH80 will be coming off the bike, for me to install shiftkit. I will take my time
doing this. The Skyhawk 66cc will go on the bike and I will break it in and tweek. I will
have to make a choice between 2 bicycles for the SBP kit 1. Rear suspension beach cruiser
or the maui downhill worksman. Which ever bike I find workable will have the nexus 8 speed
shimano internal gear. I want to thank every one that shared their tips and thoughts with
me and thanks. I am going to be very busy for a while.
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