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Default Re: BIG Problem with Front Mount and my Bike :)

everywhere i go on here , i here people say just use some JB Weld . Epoxy - whatever - its still just glue . would you glue you cylinder head down on your car ? Seriously , do the owners of JB Weld run this site ? I realy don,t care how well it has worked for anyone else . Glue is NOT a suitable repair for a stripped thread . PERIOD . Retapping to the next size , or a helicoil is . I,m just glad we are working with 80cc,s here . if you tried to glue the head on my yamaha roadstar 1600 cc , your testicles would be wrapped around the 3rd vertibrea of your spine before you hit the end of the driveway .
sorry for the graphic nature of my comment . but i don,t believe glue can REPAIR a thread , or any other broken metal component , that must endure heat stress and torque .
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