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Default Re: bad experiences so far :(

Originally Posted by longhorn6 View Post
granman or whatever u made no sense i think you were talking about the top of the carb were you put the cable through and tighten? but thats just to tighten or loosen the cable how the heck would that make the motor rev?
If you're throttle cable is too tight and not letting the slide close all the way THIS could very well be your problem. The threaded part that the cable goes into can screw in and out to either tighten or loosen the slack in the throttle cable, the round "nut" that's on it should be tightened DOWN against the top of the carb to lock the adjuster into place.

Start with the CABLE adjuster all the way down, twist the throttle and if it doesn't return all the way without twisting it backwards screw the adjuster out until there's just a little bit of slack in the cable. Once the cable tension is correct tighten the jamb nut against the carb.

Here's a picture of Norm's pen pointing you in the right direction.

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