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Default Re: bad experiences so far :(

ok i thought u were talking about the screw INSIDE the carb. the one that goes in the middle of the float? your talking about the idle screw, so i guess i'll pull it all the way out but still attached to the carb and do what you were telling me. granman or whatever u made no sense i think you were talking about the top of the carb were you put the cable through and tighten? but thats just to tighten or loosen the cable how the heck would that make the motor rev? so is that pin INSIDE the carb INSIDE the float the JET right? now that should be screwed all the way in right? I'll see right now if the carbs on the manifold all the way, and i bought the ball bearing and stuff i need to have in order to jump start myself without a push so i have to wait till that comes in in order to make adjustments. FYI; It's as if it doesn't like when i give it gas but that may be fixed now idk............ No Like gas/throttle grip/ etc?
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