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Default Re: full suspension OCC chopper almost ready 4 paint

I'm glad it worked out for ya dude, it didn't work out for me in that position, as I didn't have the formula! I would still like to get that equation that ya used, seeing how ya did all the math n all b4 ya even placed it! Here are a couple pics of how I ended up doing it, the black 1 is the 1 that I did first n like you said about yers, the ass end kinda slopes downward. Now if I had 2 350lb springs as opposed to the 650 and 750 lb spring that are on the 1st 1 it might straighten out when I sat on it, but I think the next 1 which is the picture of the raw frame just might straighten out when I sit on it, as I was able to get a hold of a stubby shock with a 650lb spring which will be the only 1 I use on this build, which is actually gonna be an OCC trike! Here check em out...I used the "eyeball" method, no math involved, and the 1st 1 works great, but I admit that it's a little stiffer than I would prefer it to be! Oh n there is a difference between the pic of the black 1 that doesn't have the seat or the back tire on it and the pic of it sittin on the sidewalk, can ya pick it out? Hint Brett Mavriks bike was obviously an inspiration to my build as well, love the rot rad look! (notice the jackshaft, which cam after the shocks!)
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