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Default Close Encounter

So, today while I was riding in I had a jerk try to run me off the road. For those that live in Tucson, I was heading west on grant road, just before crossing under the underpass, where the bike land ends. I go slower in that spot because of the lack of a bike lane and the traffic congestion.

So this guy goes to pull into the hampton inn and cuts right in front of me then stops. He knew I was there and did it on purpose, it was obvious he thought about doing it before he did. So I had to do an emergency stop and evade, unfortunately for him I stuck my foot out and put a dent in his truck door, which I'm pretty sure he didn't know I did. Then he rolls down the window and yells, "THE ROAD IS FOR VEHICLES @$$HOLE. In a polite and non rude way, I simply stated, "please drive with courtesy, be respectful, and watch for bicycles." Then he just starred at me so I pulled out my phone and waved him by and attempted to take a pic of his plates. Of course my phone wasn't ready, but I'm sure he was worried after that.

Tucson may be a bike friendly community, but its residents sure don't show it. Sometime I don't blame them, some bikers are jerks and deserve it. But not all of us. Its sad how only a few people ruined it for the rest of us.
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