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Default Re: bad experiences so far :(

Originally Posted by longhorn6 View Post
Camlifter: Where exactly r u talking about, u mean the clamp where the carburater meats the engine? Thats on there pretty darn tight. Clip? needle?

granburyman: I have that screw screwed in all the way, is that good?

i fixed what mb-monkey talked about so gonna go test run it soon, although i have a problem with the clutch, gonna make another post about some parts i need in order to jump start it !!
where the carb clamps to the manifold there is a clamp, the carb has slots in it there, if the carb isn't pushed all the way onto the maniflod it will leak air there. clip, needle, is what i took as your word for throttle pin, what ever that is. the screw adjuster in the carb is for the idle, if you have it all the way in you have the idle set as high as it can go. back it out untill the idle is normal.
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