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Default Re: Another Build from an abandon in the park bike

This last engine I got from Dax I am liking. I don't know if it will stay this way but this thing runs so nice is is a pleasure to ride. I wish I could figure out a way to post a Youtube vid. I tried but to no avail it just will not post. I would love for everyone to hear the way this thing runs, (as smooth as glass). I think I will try running the other one and not carve on the ports and see how that goes. I will add the extra washers under the head bolts before I try anything. I am looking for a section of 1" pipe to add to the frame I think it needs one just over the top of the engine. I want to add the truss bars to the front fork also I think it makes it look early. Have fun, Dave
Its just a job. (Link) My shop is in the lower R/H corner.
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