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Unhappy bad experiences so far :(

Ok, so about a month ago I bought a grubee skyhawk 66cc motor kit from gasbike(dot)net. it arrived in perfect condition and looked sweet. So my dad and i got started (i'll go through the problems i've had to present problem) the first problem was that the chain that came with it broke while getting started and had to get a new one then that one broke too. both were regular bike chains. so i got a heavy duty bike chain that about half and inch thick. its like a motorcycle chain really big. just barely fits in the sprocket/holder/etc.......

that fixed that so it would not break now and i could actually go. then i/my dad got it all together perfect ready to rock although it would start but not go when i gave it gas it stopped and bauged out. so my dad put it on 1/5 throttle pin and it went like a beast/bat out of **** 40 or maybe over. but it wont idle/stop i presently have to turn the kill switch on and off to stop and go (constantly in motion) so we put it on 2/5 (throttle pin) and it doesnt go and bauges out so i doesn't like it over 1 but its full throtlle or nothing.

The throttle cable is loose but not to loose so WTF?? Note: every now and then it would stop with kill swith off so i'd give it a little gas then it would gooo i just dont know what to do, and now it won't even start anymore for some reason probably a quick fix or somethin IVE HAD A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE WITH THIS SO FAR Almost gave up a couple times and wanted to throw this chinese piece of crap in the dump. its like its nmade out of potmetal not even real metal. i had another problem not related to the motor/carb not working if anyone wants to hear mounting/potmetal dont mix if anyone wants to know lmk. ANY HELP ?? first time on a motorized bike forum u guys popped up first on google hehe

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