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Default Re: Manic Mechanic sprocket adapter

Originally Posted by rfriesen View Post
You canceled my order? That doesn't really improve my experience.

I thought I had an idea how long it would take to fabricate these parts. There's guy near me that runs a machine shop out of his garage. He does lots of stuff for my motorcycle and it's usually done in a week and he has a lot of other work as well. So I assumed that it would be done in a week or so and shipped in 2 weeks like web site says.

I was upset by a combination of things. My order taking longer than I had expected and being told that you didn't know whether my order would be shipped this week or not.

My intention was not to publicly bash you Jim. I admit that it was to vent my frustration and I admit that writing "pretty crappy if you ask me" was rude. I apologize for that.
Apology accepted:

You may not have realized it; but Karen asked for your name twice before you hung-up...she can not give the status of an order without a name. She got flustered and said I don't know.

If you would like to keep your order, I will cancel the refund.

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