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Default Re: Skyhawk 80 cc kit from Spooky Tooth

Well she arrived today by the guys in blue (FedEx). I got started right away. The first thing I did was mount the rear sprocket. I would like to point out here that the instructions included just plain sucked for sure! Someone really needs to make a nice set! So I forged on and within 20 minutes had my sprocket true and centered. I found a simple trick to see if the sprocket is true on the rim. More about that later. So then off to install the litttle engine. HOUSTON we have a major problem. The Huffy frame is to small for the engine. Everything hits! Carb, spark plug ect ect. Well two hours later and the use of a grinder finds my little Skyhawk snug as little hatchlings in there nest. As the little hatchlins are smothered by there mom so is my little engine. I had to make a 90 degree manifold to fit the carburator to the outside (sideways) I will be installing a new aircleaner since I mangled the stock metal one trying to get it in the frame. No biggy simple fix. Oh and thanks to my neighbor who came over to see what all the cussing was about (just kidding)......(kinda)....... he said the opening looks big enough for some metal tubing. A few minutes later and some soldering and my new brass manifold was born. I am pretty much done except for the aircleaner @!&$@@# and the chain needs ALOT of links removed. I also need to bend my muffler to get the clearance needed for the pedal . OK enough of this heres the good part... The pictures. For now this will be where I stopped the project since I am off to work for 4 weeks before I get back home to finish her up.
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