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I will agree with Pablo and Junster. I put a jackshaft kit on my mountain bike, taking my time over the span of a few days. I like it so much more than a fixed gear ratio. I find that running on flat road in 5th gear is relaxing. At wide open throttle, engine speed stays around 4800 rpm on flat roads. In the 5200 rpm range in lower gears, my engine and frame starts resonating, vibrating really bad. I am at thin-air 6200 feet, and have hit 33 mph at wide open throttle. I weigh 245 lbs; I bet I could get 40+ mph if I had less wind resistance. My longest day ride has been 138 miles; half of it into heavy headwind. I still managed 100 mpg. After 375 miles, I checked the jackshaft for chain stretch, cleaning and lubing. Have not made a single gear adjustment since my first test ride. First smart move heads-up: Position the jackshaft frame so you can remove the clutch gear cover. You will see why if you ever have to make a clutch gear adjustment. Second smart move: Purchase a good MOTORCYCLE helmet and a bright yellow riding jacket. Make traffic see you! Make sure the police note that you are NOT exceeding the speed limit!

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