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Default Re: Creative Engining! MAnic Mechanic! Jim! PLease HELP!

Originally Posted by Kevlarr View Post
Just a thought but it Manic Mechanic happens to peruse this thread again, it might be helpful to put what size the hubs you have listed are so that for instance I measure my hub and even though it's not a Shimano CB-110 if it's the same size I can just order that one.
If I don't know what I'm talking about just tell me to shaddup and I'll crawl back into my hole.
Hello Kevlarr,

The Shimano CB-110/CB-110E measures 1.524" -1.527"
The huffy Cranbrook hub measures 1.504" -1.508"
The Falcon CFE-10 measures 1.531 - 1.535"
The Modus 08-(E,G,H), measures 1.181" - 1.185"

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