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Default Re: Manic Mechanic sprocket adapter

Originally Posted by rfriesen View Post
I just called Manic Mechanic. It's been 15 days since I placed my order. They said they are shipping out another batch of orders in 4 days. I asked if my order would be in that lot. She just said, "I don't know". So if I'm 'lucky' I'll get my order 21 or 23 days after placing it. Pretty crappy if you ask me.
Mr. Friesen,

I don't want anyone to have a "crappy" experience. Your refund has been processed.

This forum should not be used as a way of publicly bashing the few of us who design and manufacture useful upgrade parts for motorbikes.

I know, I know...Your intention was to somehow make me fear that I will loose untold amounts of business if I do not satisfy your order immediately...there are orders behind yours...and thier orders will be filled first. Now that your order is no longer a concern, someone else is going to get thiers faster.

I know every customer in my, "To Do", order book. Every customer is important! It bothers me far more than it does you when unforeseen circumstances hold up orders. I don't like it either!

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