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Default Re: Creative Engining! MAnic Mechanic! Jim! PLease HELP!

I ordered one about the same time (just over two weeks ago) and hopefully, I'm in that batch to be sent out too. I knew the production line was small and not all that personal when I ordered it so I'm not going to worry about how long it takes unless it goes a bit over a month, I'll ask then. As for now, I'm using the "rag joint" POS. I am hoping to have a smoother working drive system and I'm dropping a few teeth (going with a 40) to get a lower RPM at my normal speed. I see no real reason to not run your kit with the supplied sprocket UNLESS you can't get it to run true and not make horrible noises.

Do your self a favor, get a decent chain too. The China junk chain is just as bad as the rag joint itself.
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