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Default Re: Why hello there! (Acton, MA)

Hey Russ,

I notice you didn't use any tensioners on the lower chain to gain clearance of the rear wheel frame. I tried the same but felt the chain was too tight and would damage the engine. Do you ride your bike often and have you noticed any problems with the chain tension? I'm working on adding a tensioner to provide the necessary clearance while maintaining a somewhat relaxed chain tension.

About the handlebars, apparently the chopper bikes use 7/8" diameter handlebars similar to bmx bikes. I wish I knew that before I bought the handlebars. I'm left to file down the handlebar clamps. I can post a pic of the unmounted handlebars if you'd like, or when they are mounted in a week or so.

I bought layback seatpost of 1" diameter and a shim to allow it to be used with the 31.8mm chopper seat post. I plan on adding a springer seat to it as well. Those front fork springers are rather pricey .

I'll keep the 36T sprocket in mind. I run a 44T stock sprocket as of now. Hesitation to upgrade will be my needing to give the new sprocket to a mechanic at work to run through the CnC to expand the bolt holes.

Everything about this bike appears non-standard. A bit frustrating but i will persevere!
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