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Default Holy C^&p! Power!

All this time I have been puttin around on my 49cc that I got from ebay and thinking that I was cool....

Well, I recently broke a motor mount bolt off in that motor, and since I had to pull it off i figured it may as well be time for an upgrade (engine removal is tedious because I have a jackshaft kit) so I ordered a 68.5 cc with the slant head kit from zoom motors.

First off, I have a few complaints, although they really have nothing to do with the retailer.

-The main mounting holes, on the seat post, are about 3/16 of an inch wider than on my old motor, and I would imagine that they are not supposed to be that way. Also, one of those holes was drilled dangerously close to the outside of the motor, and I am sure that that part of the threads is extremely thin. Anyhow, I was too lazy to send it back, so I had to modify my jackshaft kit ( I didn't want to do that, but oh well) by making the mounting holes wider.

-Someone thought that it would be a good idea to paint some kind of finish on the motor. It is aluminum, it doesn't need a finish! My old motor, with just the plain old aluminum cast looked pretty slick. This one just looks dirty. Get rid of that finish.

Now for the good part. Holy crap! The minute I got this thing started to took off considerably faster than my old one. I have only rode it at about half throttle and I already broke my own speed record with my old motor. I hit 43.5 mph. the 49cc quit pulling in 4th gear and 5th gear was a joke, but i could use it to cruise at low rpm's, but now the damn thing pulls straight through 5th gear, at half throtttle!

Why didn't you guys tell me to get a bigger motor earlier.........
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