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Default Well here is my first

Well this is my first motorized bicycle project and so far so good, had a few little issues but I seem to be working the out, purchased the bike new off Craigslist for $45 and the engine kit is fron BoyGoFast, still has a few bugs to work out. The bike idles fine the chain is straight and the clutch is all good, the only problem I'm having is the motor won't reach the higher RPM's while riding and will only hit 15mph at wide open throttle on a flat road, it never hits the power band, I adusted the carburator, bringing the little clip all the way at the top to all the way to the bottom and it just won't pull, checked for air leaks and its seems fine. Also I changed the plug and a better plug wire and the same thing, when I rev it with the clutch pulled it will scream but once its under a load it's a dog,I'm thinking the carb is just no good for one reason or another. well here it is ........

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