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With all of the hype I switched to Opti 2 over the weekend but found something interesting today on the mix ratio when I picked up a small pouch of Opi-2.

I have the 12oz bottle which mixes 10 gal of gas. There are no ratio mixing instructions only hash marks on the side of the bottle for number of gallons. So 12 oz bottle for 10 gallon = 1.2 oz/gal= 106:1 ratio.

Today I picked up a couple of small pouches of Opti to keep in my bag in case I get stranded and need to fill up on the road. They had pouches for both 1 gallon mix and 2 gallon mix. I expected the pouch to be 1.3 oz for the 1 gallon mix but it was actually 1.8 ounces. This means the mix will be 71.1:1 using 1 gal of gas. The instructions state for 1 gallon of gas or 5 liters. Obviously they are not the same gas volume and will not yield the same mix ratio but I'm sure that Opti did this for ease of distribution.

There have been several people including myself that are running Opti-2 at 100:1 but for the skeptics, we could deduct from the instructions on the pouch that there should be no adverse reactions to running it at 70:1.

I'll probably go to 70 or 80:1 after this gallon and see if I notice anything negative.
For anyone in Michigan, Weingartz carries Opti-2. 1.8oz $1.69 12 oz bottle 6.99 and 32 oz $16.99.
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