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Default Re: Will this spark plug wire work?

Originally Posted by Junster View Post
I'm using Accel 8mm solid core hi temp. I slightly tapered the tip of the wire to help it get started into the CDI. I also lubed it with some silicone grease to help it go in. Just push hard as you screw it in. Mine has about 1500 miles on it with no problems. Oh and I marked the wire about 1/4" from the tip first so I knew I had it screwed all the way in.
When you say solid core hi temp,do you mean the solid core is copper or silicone?My wire has double spark plug caps on each end so I cant see what the core is....The auto parts guys said it is silicone core....Will this work????It is a ominispark,part#8BA32 spark plug lead....He said to just cut it in half and it would give me 2 spark plug wires....When I check contanuaty it has more resistance....Im not sure if it would work with a low spark 6v system....
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