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Default Re: Skyhawk 80 cc kit from Spooky Tooth

I to just purchased a 66cc bike kit, but from "GasBike" and in about the same place you are. I to figured they were probably all made by the same factory so I order the $119.95 Kit. I later found out there are quite a few manufactures of the same motor. I traced down one of the exporters and found the sell for around $50.00 each & the better kits were like $52 and $54 each. This was for 1000 kits. Price was at the Singapore dock. I did not check on shipping and Import Duties. Small changes can be requested when ordering. But the basics are the same. Poor Quality control and all bolts and studs very soft and ready to brake. I have striped my motor down to check out the porting and to replace all the studs and bolts with better quality stuff. I went to 1/4-20 American for all the studs because it was easer then finding good quality 6mm studs. Replaced bolts with 6mm allenís since I had these already. I am now working on a better mounting set up and some basic clean up of ports and Ex. I canít get the clutch to completely release when set not to slip. This is just the Lever set up and I have sent two e-mails to GasBike with no response. I will let you know if GasBbike gets back to me or if I am completely ignored.
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