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Default Re: Skyhawk 80 cc kit from Spooky Tooth

Originally Posted by bugoutbike View Post
Here is the picture Mike from Spooky Tooth sent me.
The fuel line does look precarious, but awesome looking MB! Really like the classic cruiser look.

(HEY! I speeled "precarious" correctly and with out spell check!!!)

Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
(I'm an old man, but the child inside is alive and well.)

Har, lol. 2 funny SB. I take my inner child out for ice cream, rides or some times buy him bike parts or toys so as to stay in touch. Aside from being really funny, he has come up some great concepts and made us a good deal of money. He has no great love or dislike of income. He just wants to do off the wall biz stuff.

worst apocalypse ever
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