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Default Re: Skyhawk 80 cc kit from Spooky Tooth

I have the same or similar rear mount tank on one of my Americans and like the look of it. I got mine from That'sDax several years ago. It has the same flimsy support setup which vibrates and shakes around... better to mount it directly against a rear mount carrying rack so that it doesn't move around so much. The additional movement compounds the problem of leaky gas cap which seems to be the case with all these kit tank gas caps, making it so that we have to run tanks half full. My tank is mounted so that the cap is to the rear and the fuel outlet/shutoff is to the front, making for a much shorter run. Judging from the picture sent from Spooky Tooth, somebody screwed up. That line not only looks bad, but is an accident waiting to happen. A rear tank helps your bike look a little different from most kit motorbicycles and for step through bikes it is the only real option. On my other American I used a squarish snow blower tank which functioned well, but looked clunky. I have recently changed that to a smaller cylindrical tank which came from an old Iron Horse lawnmower. It has a nice retro look which fits my old Schwinn and once I removed the chipping paint I discovered a high quality aluminum underneath which buffed up nicely and will get no paint. Hmmm... "Iron Horse"... I like that. I think my next build just got it's name. Now if I can figure out a horsehead front fender light where the eyes light up when the engine is running... leather seat...cowboy hat helmet with spurs and chaps... Hi ho, Silver... AWAY! (I'm an old man, but the child inside is alive and well.)
Welcome to the forum and thanks for the investigative approach to learning about our dealers. We all benefit from that. Good luck with your build and have fun.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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