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What a long thread! Good reading! I know all I need to know about Opti-2-anything because I have yet to be able to find it in this town. It is good stuff, I'm sure. Especially for little forced-air cooled engines.

Now, for alternative oils that I can find, I go to the local Honda motorcycle & 2-cycle race bike store. I figure if they sell oil for 250 cc competition motocross bikes, the oil they sell will probably work in my little putt-putt machine.

For the first time, I did try fully synthetic some-brand at 50:1. And for the first time today, I managed to break 33 mph at wide open throttle (tachometer says 4800 rpm) on the flats. This is up from my previous record of 28 mph, same conditions, using 24:1 non-synthetic two-stroke oil. The engine is now in the 375-mile age range. With a jackshaft kit from Sick Bike Parts, it is a rather comfortable riding machine. It has a lot of pulling torque in the low gears.

I figure engine life is a function of how much wide open throttle is used, not just oil ratios. I should back down to 25 mph for long rides, but 30 mph is much more fun.

Thanks for the Opti-2 info! Maybe in another thread we can hash over the cost of lube oil per tankful of gas. The 50:1 is just over $1.

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