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Default Re: when is it to low?

Originally Posted by tilted View Post
this is the first bike i built.a low rider should sit low right?you have to keep the cranks level when you turn or the pedals hit the ground,but you get used to it.anybody else have anything low?lets check em' out.
Looks awesome ! Mr. UPS man dropped off my little bundle of chinesse cc and ive got some beater cruisers that i have been on the fence about taking to get sand blasted so i can paint ( i have enough room to paint, but i dont have a media station )

And i was just about to make a thread asking : Where do you find a frame (exactly like the one you have) ? Closest i've found is :

I'm shooting for a mexicano lowrider - but with a german theme :rofl: I live in so cal, so the contrast would be quite hilarious (not making fun of culture, just would be a bavarian themed lowrider - ultra juxaposition)

long story short - that bike is tits man - where did you get the frame

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