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Default Re: MoPOD Riding Apparatus: 1st MB Build

Actually, both the muffler support and the cap came with the kit. The cap is the same one everybody gets, I just painted it matte black because I didn't like the chrome. In addressing the leaking problem, I determined that it was a build-up of pressure from a badly ventilated tank. What DID solve the leaking problem was adding a piece of rubber gasket to the inside of the cap so that it makes a better seal, and then putting a little pinhole in the center of the cap to allow vapor to escape. Not perfect, but no more leaking gas making a stink and wrecking my paint.
As for the muffler thing, I'm not even sure that's what those parts were for. They seemed to fit, so that's what I did with them. There were several other metal straps left over when I finished putting the thing together. *shrugs* Just bonus parts, I guess.
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