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Default Re: Continuing use as a bicycle

Originally Posted by garynuman View Post
i just bought my first motorized bike. it was assembled already so i haven't ridden it without the motor, however mine is quite a work out to pedal. five minutes in i was sweating and panting like a wild animal. up hill jaunts are certainly out of the question, even on first gear. i end up having to walk it up. seemed to me that it was the extra weight of the motor. i know the frame can't weigh that much because i saw this bike at work and it was easily lifted. after seeing that you fellows dont have such a hard time pedaling makes me wonder if something might be wrong. i mean i'm not in the best shape, but i ride my bmx all over and it's never worn me out enough to have to walk up hills.

Chain too tight?

Also, with the frame mount bicycle motors if you pull in the clutch and push the locking button, the clutch will usually drag a little. I have a really bad knee and I was able to pedal home eight miles relatively easily but I held the clutch in all the way the whole time, and that was the hardest part.

Now to the OP- The type of front mount friction drive like my avatar bike is no different to ride than a "regular" bicycle.
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