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Default re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Originally Posted by deacon View Post
You know most of us do things eventually to modify the bikes for the better or worse. It would be a nice gesture if we stick them out there for others to see.

Take this one for what it is worth.

The clutch lever in my kit was trash from the first. I never could make it work worth a darn, so I replaced it with a brake lever I had laying about. Here is the trick. I cut a piece of old inner tube to lock the handle up so I could roll the bike in and out. I leave it on the grip so I can use it to hold the clutch in if I need to adjust the bike.

I also hated the throttle that came with the bike. I replace it with a shifter from a mountain bike. I can lock the throttle in any position while I work on things. I don't think either of those is earth shattering, but they seem to work better for me. Probably won't help anyone else.

So leave me your tip I can use all the help I can get...
If your kit doesn't work sa advertized my tip is to send it back until you get one that works properl. The ell with micky mousing everything.
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