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Originally Posted by restapukin View Post
Ok, I've bin done gone and bought me a bottle of Opti-2; the aus deal is $27au for 1 litre - somewhere around a yankee dollar tarrif of say $20us for about 33 ounces. Nice two chamber measuring bottle.

Product description - simply 'Opti-2 2-cycle engine lubricant' -nowhere does the bottle labelling say "100:1" ...ROFLMAO

The promoters must think that we aussies are not quite ready to confront the awful maths implicit in the instructions that "the proper mix is 1.3 ounces per 1 US gallon or 4 litres of fuel"

Thats 100:1 alright ....and 100:1 is the strength that I have mixed myself... so i'm off out ... (the stuff seems pretty average viscosity vs the ordinary 2-stroke oil in the mix that I've been using; for the record I've used 5 litres of fuel mix in the engine since new ... mixed at 16:1 for the first litre, 20:1 for the next three litres and 32:1 for the final litre so far burned in my engine.)
We'll await your report. Don't keep us in suspenders for too long...
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